Friday, 17 October 2014


DIARY BY: Jagrit, 19th October, 2013
It was a   marvelous day, although it was tiring too. The day began with project presentations. Everyone had to show what they had done in previous three days regarding their topics of projects. Power Point presentation was made by each group and that was shown to all. Some had made videos with innovative ways to present their topics. It took nearly three hours in presenting it. The presentations were beautifully presented and appreciated by all. Then we all were taken to VASANT VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL, MALERKOTLA. We were warmly welcomed there by the staff of that school. Our German Guests were pleased to see the kids with broad smiles and took their photographs. Mr. Edwin witt recited a poem in one of the class at malerkotla campus and the students too enjoyed with him. After that we went to STAR IMPACT (a shoe Factory). Everybody was quite impressed to know about the manufacturing of shoes, one of their representative also told us about how to stitch a football at home. Before leaving the owner of the factory presented each one of us with a pair of best of their shoes. Finally we came back to school and then departed, back to our home. Then me and my friend Aina with our German friends went to local market in LC and enjoyed the snacks there. After gossiping and discussing about Indian traditions we came back home. Brit, Tomke, Henry, Jan-ole were quite shocked after visiting the market of Sangrur as there was lot of noise and crowd. We all were tired but still excited for the next day. 

DIARY BY: Aina Goyal, 19th October
Task completed and had a sigh of relief! It was the day of presentations of our project. All the students gave their respective presentation on which they were working from last three days related to the topic “agriculture”. All had given their best to make their topics appreciable. It was just full of excitement. After the presentation, we had lunch and left for V.V.P.S. Malerkotla. The staff of the school whole heartily welcomed our German guests. After the visit to the campus and a bit of refreshment we went to the Shoe Factory at Malerkotla.  At that place, we got to know about manufacturing process of shoes. The whole process was good to observe. The owner of the shoe factory gifted us with a pair of shoes. Everybody was happy and excited. In the evening, we came back home. We were tired so, took rest and packed our luggage for the next day as it was Diwali fete in our school. After which evening we had to leave for a tour to Delhi- Agra- Jaipur. We went to bed and slept saying “good-night” to all.

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