Monday, 23 February 2015

Students in Robotics Classes

Vasant Valley Public School, Ladda has started the Robotics classes from January 2015. In these Robotics classes students are developing Conceptual Development Skills, Software & Hardware Skill Development along with Soft Skills.

Under the Conceptual Development Skills Students are learning and working on Principles of Robotics and Robot Designing.

Under the Software & Hardware Skill Development Students are learning and implementing the Robotics Development Program (RDP) Robotics Integration Hardware by using C60 Robotics Development Platform with complete Software Development Kit (SDK).

In the Robotics classes students are emphasized on Soft Skills as well covering the core Soft Skills that are
Problem Solving Skills
Collaborative Team Work and
Adapting New Challenges

Robotics Classroom

Robotics Classroom
Robotics Class in Progress

Students Assembling Robots

Students Assembling Robots

Demonstration  of Robotics at Parents Teachers Meeting

Demonstration  of Robotics at Parents Teachers Meeting

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  1. Hi Sanjay Gupta,

    It was a nice blog, and the pics is very good... we need to post mostly Kids performance on robotics to get full knowledge on it..
    Really it was a nice blog..

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