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DIARY BY: Bhrigu, 18th October, 2013

Working hard on our project with a great zeal and zest made us wake up early, got ready and reached school at 8:00 am. We all gathered and started working on our projects. There was a press conference in the school. Reporters from some of the national newspapers came to our school and interviewed some of the students and teachers among the Germans. After the press conference, the German students and teachers gathered to practice their song which they had prepared for the evening party. We had lunch and the Germans left for a slum school visit. We waited for them in the school. On their return, we all went back to home and had some rest. In the evening, we all had to gather at Prince Ville for a party organized by the Industrial Chamber on the occasion of Diwali. There were many Cultural programs. Some of them were performed by the students of our School itself. The Germans also performed, they sang a song which was fabulous. The officials of the Sangrur District Industrial Chamber at last honored our German guests and thanked them for their presence. At about 12’o’ clock we started back for home and soon went to bed.

DIARY BY: Muskan, 18th October, 2013
I reached the school in time and started making our respective projects. There was a Press Conference in our school. For that we all sat together. The reporters asked the Germans some questions regarding their expectations and experience in India. Some of the German students shared their experience and expressed their gratitude. After the Press Conference we were back to our projects. After that German students then went to slum school from where they came back to school at about 4pm. As soon as they returned back school, we left back for our home. We had a short nap and then started getting ready the party at PRINCE VILLE. Sophie, Johanna (my German guests) and I were ready for the party at 8pm. We headed off towards the party hall. The party was organized by the Industrial Chamber Association. What an exuberant party it was! There were great performances by our School students as well as our German friends. We danced on the beats of music together and enjoyed the delicious dinner arranged at the resort. We had a fantastic time over there. Nearly at 11p.m. We left for home and I rejoiced the moments in my dreams too!

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