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DIARY BY : Smile Sidiora,12th October, 2013

 Today, I got up early at 5 o’clock in the morning due to excitement of guests at my home and I had to prepare breakfast for them. My brother Bhrigu and I helped mom in preparing breakfast for our German guests and then we both got ready for school. The Germans are so punctual of timings. So at sharp 7:15a.m., we all were at the dining table. As soon as we had our breakfast we left for school. At school, we met other German friends. The Germans were warmly welcomed by the teachers of our school. It was our annual athletic meet and Dussehra celebrations in the school so the program was all set and soon it began. We had some cultural performances during the time so that our guests could enjoy. We even asked them if they were willing to participate in relay race. Finally some of them participated in relay race and they were honored with medals by the Chairman Sir and Principal Mam. At 1’o clock the sports meet and Dussehra celebrations were over. Then we took our German guests to the mess of our school for lunch and there they were served with Indian food. After the lunch, we planned to play cricket with the Germans (as cricket was a new game for them and they were really excited to play it) but because of rain we were not able to continue it. But later we arranged a game of musical chair for them. Some of them played table soccer. Till 4’o clock we enjoyed playing and then it was the time to depart and move back to our families.

 DIARY BY : Nishant Gupta 12th October, 2013

 It was 5:00 am when I got up. I had to get ready for school and help my mom in preparing breakfast for my German Guests. Till 7 ‘o’ clock, Vitus, Luis and Gerrit (my German guests) were ready and were on the breakfast table. I served them breakfast with a bit of Indian dishes. After the breakfast, we all left for school. As soon as we reached the school, we met our other German friends. We all gathered with our respective guests, we were warmly welcomed by the students and teachers of our school. Eventually, it was Sports Day and Dusshera celebrations in our school. We explained our guests about the history and importance of Dusshera by a short play which was performed by the tiny tots of our school. We also encouraged our german friends to participate in our sports events. Some of them participated well in the relay race. It was really a splendid moment as we also accompanied them in the relay. Our worthy Chairman Sir and Principal Mam honoured the German participants with medals and appreciated their participation. After the program we took them to our school mess for lunch where we served them Indian food which they really enjoyed and loved. After the lunch, we decided to arrange Cricket and Basketball match, as cricket was a new game for them .But due to rain we had to change our plans. Then we organized a game of Musical Chair for them. Some of our guests enjoyed musical chair and some were enjoying Table Soccer. Till 4 ‘o’ clock we continued playing and then we all departed for our homes with our respective German guests. After reaching home, I offered some eatables to my guests and asked them to have a short nap for about an hour so that they could get a bit fresh and told them to be ready till 5:30 pm as me, Ishu, Amandeep and Paramveer had planned something well for the evening of our guests. At 5:30 pm, Vitus, Luis and Gerrit were ready and so was I and then we left for fun square (a mall nearby). There I met Ishu, Amandeep and paramveer with their guests. We all took them for a 5D movie show. They enjoyed it a lot there. Then we all returned back to our home as I had to go on a marriage party. I took my guests along with me to the marriage. I explained them about the rituals of Indian marriage and also made them taste a variety of Indian dishes. They enjoyed and danced a lot as Jazzy B was performing live. We all had a wonderful evening. We clicked many photographs and at around 12:30 a.m. we started back for home. Soon we came home and went to bed. I hope my guests had a wonderful day and learnt a many new things about Indian culture.

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