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DIARY BY : Jagrit, 21st October, 2013
We reached Jaipur after the long and tiring night journey. JAI SINGH PALACE, the hotel, where we had to stay for the next two days till we would be in Jaipur. Then we had a yummy breakfast. As everyone was tired so the time was given to rest till 2 o’clock. With full punctuality everybody gathered again at restaurant for the delicious lunch. After the lunch we all moved to some of the most famous places and palaces of Jaipur. We saw HAWA MAHAL, JANTAR MANTAR, and JAL MAHAL and also went to the market of Jaipur. Shopping is always a fun for girls. Although tired, but still we went for shopping. Brit, Tomke and Henry were excited to see the local markets of Jaipur and so was I. Then we went to MC DONALDS for dinner. Finally, we came back to our rooms and went to bed. It was really enjoyable as we came back from MC DONALDS to our hotel by having experience of the night walk on foot. The day was really full of experiences and enjoyments.

DIARY BY: Aina Goyal, 21st October, 2013
Tiring but enjoyable night journey took us to our destination. Our morning arrival was at Hotel Jaisingh Palace, Jaipur. We were allotted rooms and had rest till lunch. Then we got ready for the day’s excursion. Jaipur, known as Pink City, is really a beautiful place to visit. First of all, we visited Hawa Mahal. As per name, it is fully airy, as it has lot of windows. Our German friends clicked so many pictures. Then we went to Jantar Mantar. A guide accompanied us and told us about the history of the place. Like us, many other tourists were also there.  After that we visited Jal Mahal. It is surrounded by water. We captured a lot of photographs there. After the scheduled sightseeing, we were left for shopping in the local markets of Jaipur. Due to the festive season, the markets were all decorated, colorful and crowdy. After a lot of shopping we left for the Hotel. The dinner was all ready. We had our dinner and with a lot of memories of the day in our mind, we went to bed.

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