Friday, 17 October 2014


With Diwali round the corner, teachers of VASANT VALLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL celebrated the festival of Diwali by organizing a colorful exuberant carnival “Diwali Fete” on Oct 12, 2014. ‘Eat, Play and be merry’ was the foremost aim of Diwali Fete.
Today’s life is full of hectic activities. One is always busy in one matter or the other. One needs ventilation of one’s pent up feelings. A Cut together restores our natural vigor and cheerfulness. Festivals relieve us of more worries & anxieties. They enable us to take up our work again with redoubled zeal and energy. 
The main attraction of the day was ‘Luck Draw’.101 lucky winners of fascinating gifts offered by school like First Prize SAMSUNG TAB III NEO Second and third prizes SMART PHONES followed by various other gifts like Pen drives, Speakers, Tiffin’s, Bowl sets, Stuff toys etc. Eatable stalls consisting tempting cuisines were fully crowded.
On the other hand, Teachers unfolded their creative abilities in a string of activities by putting up various stalls of delicious, fun games, talent hunt etc. Everybody was in full swings.
Camel riding entertained the people and increased the glory of the fete. Blooming buds were seen on bouncing Mickey- Mouse.
Talent Hunt Corner was the cheerful and chanting experience of all. Overall everybody departed with smiles on their faces and captured their sweet memories to recall.

An Art Gallery was also put up that exhibited antique things of Punjabi culture and heritage which named 'Virsa'.  Decorated in vibrant hews, the school had ambiance of joy and happiness.

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