Friday, 17 October 2014


DIARY BY: Praneta, 17th October

I woke up at 8’o clock and hurried to school. I knew it was Tomke Schnitger’s birthday today, so we gathered in the school lobby to celebrate. We all gave her birthday wishes, German students sang German birthday song. She cut the cake. Our teacher had already arranged things for her. Then we were back to our work project. Working with them was great. We attached pictures related to our project, typed the required details. Working all day was tiring so we shifted to music. We saw them preparing their German song which they were going to present another day.  We were backing home, had lunch, took a short nap. In the evening I took Karla and Dorthe (my German guests) to the Botanical garden. Where we clicked pictures of monkeys, and other animals. We spent an hour there, then we came back home, had our dinner and went to bed.

DIARY BY: Bhrigu,17th October, 2013

Today was a quite normal day as we had to work much on our project. So at 8’o’ clock we all reached the school and started with our project work in teams. It was Tomke Sehnitger’s birthday, the teachers of our school, our German guests and we all assembled to wish Tomke. It was all a surprise for her. We had also arranged a cake. She was surprised with the arrangements and everybody sang a birthday song for her. She was so happy to see all this. After the celebrations we all went back to our teams for our project work. In the afternoon we reached home, had rest for some time. Then I took Christopher, Tomke and Rieke to the local market as they wanted to buy something.  As we were tired so we came back home early. We had dinner, chit chat for sometimes and went to bed.

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