Thursday, 16 October 2014


DIARY BY : Beenu,16th October 2013

Enough of outing now.Its time to prove ourselves.Today me & Falk (my German guest) woke up excitedly. Both of us  were punctual.We all gathered in the school. Our teacher divided us in to 6 groups of mix students-along with my German friends.We all were assigned our tasks and projects.Without wasting a minute,I along with my team Aman, Falk and Ruven started researching on our project-Irrigation and Harvesting system. Germans had also prepared some presentations  on German music and food before coming to India,they presented those in different classes and we accompanied them.We had lunch, did some of the research work and went back home. At 4.00 clock, I had my maths tuition. Falk and Ruven also wanted to go for maths tuition with me. So I took them along and they  liked my tutor. While coming back home we roamed around the city, though our roadside snacks were  spicy still they tried them. In the evening I took them to Saras Mela at Ranbir College, where the people from various states had exhibited their traditional item. There were performances of cultural dances too. After a bit of shopping we left for home. The best moment of the day was watching live Cricket Match between India and Australia. It was fun watching the match with them as we all shared the same craze. After the dinner even in bed we chatted for long and then went to sleep at about 11’o’ clock.


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