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DIARY BY: Birinder, 13th October, 2013

It was Sunday and we woke up at around 8 ‘o’ clock. We got ready and as it were Dusshera, so I explained Anki and Laura (my guests) about the history and significance of this festival and then we had our breakfast nearly at 11:30 a.m. we left for school as the school had arranged a farmhouse party for our German guests. As soon as everybody reached the school, we left for the spot where the party was arranged. The place was quite good with a big garden, a small lake and a boat inside. Everyone was happy seeing this and went for boating. Then the owner of the farmhouse took us all around the village on his tractor. He showed us a dairy farm and told us many new things. It was a new experience for all of us; even the people of the village were excited to see the Germans and accompanied them all along the way. . On returning back to the farmhouse, we served our guests with Indian snacks and drinks. Then we all left back for the school and went back to our home. We were so happy that day and enjoyed a lot.

DIARY BY : Kanav,13th October, 2013

It was Sunday and festival of Dusshera . We got up early and were ready till 8:00 a.m. Firstly we worshipped at home and then left for school. It was farm house party at village Saron. So we all gathered in the school and left for the farm house by the school bus. The farm house was a beautiful place, there was small lake in it and we also enjoyed boating there. My guest Jari and I did boating.. Then we moved to see village on a tractor. In the village, we saw cattle farming and dairy. The people of the village were very excited to see my German friends in their village. After the visit we moved back to the farm house. We had some snacks and clicked photographs. Nearly at 4pm we came back home and then had some rest. In the evening I took Jari to show him the burning effigy of Ravana and told him about the festival Dusshera. He was quite excited hearing all this and enjoyed a lot.  Then we came back home and had dinner. We were very much tired but still we had somework to do, that was packing for next two days. The school had planned a two days trip to Amritsar and Jalandhar for the germans and we had to accompany our freinds. Jari and  me had finished our packing and went to bed. We enjoyed the day a lot.

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