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DIARY BY : Amandeep Singh,11th October, 2013

Last night, we left for Delhi as our German guests were arriving early in the morning. Our excitement was at great hike as we were meeting them friends after three months. At about 5:00 am, our German guests arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It was one of the happiest moments. We welcomed them in Indian style with tilak, flowers and sweets. We stay there for a night and then early in the morning, after the breakfast, we started back for Sangrur. Then we took a lunch break at Karnal Lake Restaurant. Near about 8:00 pm, we reached our school where our parents and Principal Mam were eagerly waiting to welcome our German guests. The respective families received their guests and took them to their houses. Ruven Rusler (my guest) and I also came home. And we both were happy and excited.

DIARY BY :Arjit,October 11, 2013

An Exciting Trip cum Fabulous Day!!!In full excitement, we started our journey at 8 pm on Oct 10, 2013 to Delhi to receive my German friends. As it was cloudy the weather was cool. We felt a little relief and change. At 5.30 am they reach and we All were cheered to see each other. We greeted them in their tone “Herzlichsten Will Kommen”. It started raining heavily as we stepped out of the Airport so we had to stay at Youth Hostel. When we started our journey for Sangrur from Delhi for some time we got stuck in traffic jam.  Firstly we stopped at Karnal Lake and then at Rajpura to get relaxation. We clicked a lot of photos there. At last we reached school at around 8:00pm. Host families were eagerly waiting for their guests and we all departed till the next meet. Oh God! I wish it could go on and on…Yippeee!!! Catch you later.

DIARY BY : Bhrigu,11th October, 2013 

After a long journey, finally we reached Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal-3 to receive our most awaited guests from Germany.We were eagerly waiting to welcome them from the bottom of our hearts and with lots of greetings from our parents. We welcomed them and then departed for the Youth Hostel, New Delhi.Next day after breakfast we left to Sangrur On the way; we had a lunch break at Karnal Lake. At 8:00 pm we reached the school, where all were waiting for our German guests with greetings in their eyes. Me and my three germen friends (Rieke Bohemann, Tomke Borchers & Christopher Kloss) staying at my home. I introduced my guests with my family and then we had a dinner together and had a short discussion about the next day’s schedule and then we all went to sleep.

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